New Year in Scotland

New year in Scotland can be an excellent celebratory trip of the year if you book your tickets and travel package a few months prior to new year. Scotland is a country to embrace around because people in Scotland celebrate new year in a very lively and beautiful way. Although, traditions play a major role in every festival but new year is an occasion that is free from any traditional ceremony, religion, ethnicity or community. New year Scotland has distinctive rituals followed on new years to seek blessings for a peaceful and successful year ahead.

While, Scotland people need any excuse to let their shoes on for the party and celebration, visitors from across the world cannot deny that new year's eve is a great excuse to party hard in Scotland. As soon as the clock reaches twelve, Scotland people shout and excite announcing new year warm wishes to everyone with cheer and joy. Scotland celebrates the last day of the year joyously. The Hogmanay is the word named to the last day of the year which is known as the new year according to the Gregorian calendar.

New year however starts from January 1 but new years in Scotland is celebrated from the hogmanay. Breathtaking fireworks over Edinburgh take place that cheer up and excite the entire city, taking everyone into the festive mood. January 2 is a Scottish bank holiday because the celebration that begins from the last of the year continues till morning of January 1 or may sometimes put forward to January 2 also in some cases.

New Years Eve in Scotland

New years eve in Scotland is highly colorful and full of entertainment. Some people might argue on the fact that there is no such thing as perfect new years eve but the truth is that you can definitely experience one of the perfect new years eve in Scotland if you choose to visit Scotland this year. From the Scottish traditions to the carnivals and events organized across the Scotland and its city Edinburgh, everything is all set to keep you entertained throughout the new year season.

New years eve is a special occasion for all the Scots, therefore they make their most to make the eve a memorable one. Apart from decorating their beautiful houses, cracking fireworks and shopping for the new year, they prepare new years eve dishes at home and enjoy the delicious delicacies with friends and family members.