New Year in China

New Year celebrations are a magnificent event of China. Spring Festival or chinese new year is the very important traditional Chinese holidays, and is a time of feasting with the family, celebration, gift-giving and fireworks.

New year celebration in china starts on first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar (the day the second moon after the day on which the winter solstice happens) and ends with the Lantern Festival. Traditionally new year in china was marked with a religious ceremony given in respect of Heaven and Earth along with the Gods of household and family ancestors.

New year in china is all about partying, breathtaking fireworks and the amazing view that it brings to the place. New year in china is mainly all about traditions because customs and traditions for Chinese people are the most important aspects of life. The new year Chinese celebration encompasses many traditional events, food, costumes, decorations and symbols relating good luck and charm. Additionally, with the beginning of new year in china, Chinese horoscopes too are in heavy demand not only in china but all over the world.

New Years Eve in china

The new years eve in china is the ideal time for families and friends. The new year eve's dinner is the largest dinner of the year, much like Thanksgiving dinner. The new year party's dinner is full of symbolic meaning, such as chinese dumplings implying prosperity since they have the shape of antique Chinese silver or gold ingots. Everyone, even kids, drinks a few Jiu (generally hard liquor), which marks long life since Jiu has the same pronunciation as longevity in Chinese. You can hear or see firecrackers all over the place and this usually lasts for a few hours. Traditionally fireworks are the symbol of getting rid of the old and greeting the new.

Firecrackers are extensively used during Chinese New Year because it is believed the bright lights and the noise can scare away wickedness spirits like Nian. It was believed that Nian is a monster that would alert only during the Lunar New Year and would devour men and animals in its path. Lion dancing, dragon dancing and folk activities are the other most popular ways to celebrate New Year in China.

Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is also called as spring festival is longest festival in the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated for fifteen days with lots of entertaining activities. Chinese new year is decided by the Chinese new calendar and this is the reason why it is known as Lunar new year. The date of Chinese new year varies from year to year and in 2023 chinese new year falls on friday january 31. This is the most wanted and significant festival in Chinese history.

All people in China come together on this day with their friends and family members to celebrate and enjoy and make it memorable for lifetime. The Chinese new year is the best time for all to do some fun activities and enjoyment. People across China celebrate new year with full spirit and energy.