New Year in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful nation blessed with many festivals throughout the year. New year in sri lanka is also an important festival celebrated irrespective of any community, or ethnicity. For a luxury, eventful and traditional holiday, celebrating new year in sri lanka is considered as one of the best options because it not only offers you luxury hotels, and restaurants but also is culturally rich to offer you the best possible festive celebration with excellent cuisines and views of traditionalism.

Sri Lanka is a travel paradise and when it comes to leisure, a blend of comfort and quality time can be experienced at any part of Sri Lanka. New year in sri lanka is known as Sinhalese new year and it usually falls on April 13th or 14th every year. There are many myths and facts associated with Sinhalese new year but according to the Sinhalese mythology, new year begins when the sun moves from Meen Rashi to Mesh rashi.

This also marks the end of harvest and spring. People in Sri Lanka eagerly wait for new year eve because this is the only occasion when they can get together and celebrate with true spirits of humanity due to the nature of this eve. New year is celebrated all across the world with great zeal and gaiety but the special part of this occasion is that it is celebrated irrespective of any caste, criticism or ethnicity. It marks the beginning of a new start, new hopes, thoughts and ambitious to succeed in life.

Apart from sri lanka, people throughout the world make new year resolutions to lead a better life ahead. Various cultural rituals begin after the Sinhalese new year arrives. These rituals play an auspicious role in the Sinhalese new year. Therefore, Sinhalese people do not forget to perform any of their ancient rituals on new years.

New Years Eve in Sri Lanka

New years eve party in sri lanka is an intrinsic part of the festive day. New year in sri lanka is celebrated very traditionally. A type of cuckoo bird which is known as the Asian koel has a strong association with the new year festival in sri lanka. The melodious call Koo-oo of the male bird is heard throughout the Sri Lanka breeding season which is marked very auspicious and can be heard from march to august. On the other hand, for farming communities, apart from partying and ringing in the new year with style and fun, new year in sri lanka is a festival of harvest as well.