Various New Years

Every country celebrates every new year in a most memorable ways. On these days, people present new year gifts to each other, expressing and conveying their love and affection for each other. New years are many and may differ from one country to country and one religion to another.

For example in india - for Assamese, Rohag Rihu is a new year, Nahn Rarshn is a Bengali new year, Restu Varas is a Gujarati new year, Vishu is a Malayalam new year, gudi padwa is a Marathi new year, diwali is a marwari new year, baisakhi is a Punjabi new year, losoong is a sikkimese new year, puthandu is a tamil new year and ugadi is a telugu new year.

Apart from all the various new years celebrated with great pomp and splendor in India, new year is a celebration that brings fun and excitement to begin a new year ahead. New year is not a particular occasion for one country but is widely celebrated all the universe with love and the spirit of happiness. India is rich in its culture and there are different ways to celebrate different festivals in India. Every culture celebrates the occasion in its own unique and traditional way. The vibrant colors and the distinctive features of every cultural event stand out beautifully.

New Year was first time celebrated in ancient Babylon. New Year is a time when people welcome new year by bidding farewell to old year. New Year is being celebrated in different styles by different people. Vacations, decorations, dancing, music and eating delicious cuisines are part of festival.

New Year is a season which gives you reason to celebrate. New Year gives u break from your monotonous work schedule. Shops are full with variety of decorative new year gift items. New Year brings lots of happiness and excitement in the lives of people. People of all age groups are excited about this festival. This world is very big and full of people of different cast and religions.

These people following different traditions and have few customs. Festivals are integral part of our day to day life and every country has their own way of celebrating festivals. People of different countries follow different traditions and rituals. There are various new years such as Lunar New Year, Hanukkah, Hmong New Year, Chinese New Year, Japanese New Year, Indian New Year, Jewish New Year, and Vietnamese New Year.

Every country follows their own traditions and they have their own set months reserved for New Year. They have different measures to calculate the New Year's date. various New Year celebrations show the picture of diverse culture and tradition. People from all over the world join each other on the occasion of these festive celebrations. They enjoy and experience each other's traditions.