Commonwealth Games Logo

The events of sports are treated as religious festivals by various communities in the world. Likewise many fans and the logo is the most important and integral part of any sport events. Logo also shows the future of the any events. A sports logo is like the mascot and drives the team to win with self assurance. Even the fans like to have the sports logos on their attire like t-shirts.
Logos give the sense of loyalty of the event. Most familiar ones are those which are simple and have eye-catching colors. Fashionable and trendy are the key to success for most sports logos. They should be inspirational and can also have a strong sporty significance.

2010 Commonwealth Games Logo

The Logo for the XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 is motivated by the Chakra, The National symbol of liberty, of Power and Unity. Spiraling Upwards, it describe the Growth of India into a Proud, lively nation, her billion people living together to fulfill their true destinies. The whole logo also appears to be in the form of a torch and flame.

The bottom of the logo has a unique tagline of "Come out and play" which is an invite to every person to get involved and give to the best of their abilities in the true spirit of the games. Also at the bottom of the logo, you can get a three-pointed structure which is the logo of the Commonwealth Games Foundation (CGF) also identified as the Bar and the 'W'. The three points of the "W" give the message for Humanity, Equality and Destiny. The CGF logo strives to say the heart values of the Commonwealth itself, which seeks to unite humanity, support equality and give all athletes an opportunity to realize their destiny at the Commonwealth Games.
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