Commonwealth Games Shera

The mascot of 19th commonwealth games are Shera, the name is taken from a Hindi word-sher which means tiger. Tiger is the national animal of India and thus most suited in order to show the true nature of the nation.
The tiger signifies strength and prowess, the desire to win and to be the best. But along with that, it also signifies the spirit of the game and maintaining the true Indian policies of justice and truthfulness. He is also a reminder of the fragile atmosphere he lives in and our responsibility towards the defense of his ecosystem.

Shera CWG 2010

2010 Commonwealth Games Mascot is the foremost symbol of this international event and is also the most happening face of the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Shera invites all to take participate in a fair play and make this occasion a great success. Shera, the mascot of Commonwealth Games in 2010 is also representing its power.

According to Indian myths, one of the greatest Goddesses of every times, Durga rides a tiger. It is also an embodiment of strenth or 'shakti'. Shera represent values that the nation is proud of: power, majesty, magnetism, grace and intelligence. His athletic prowess, speed and courage on the field are legendary. In the last Commonwealth Games took place Australia in 2006, Cockatoo, Karak was the mascot. This year Karak will be handing over its bequest to Shera. 2010 Commonwealth Games Mascot will be responsible for promoting the occasion and bring commercial success to the international sporting event.
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