Commonwealth Games Mascot

Commonwealth Games Mascot was firstly introduced by the host country in 1978. At present time it is an essential part of the commercial and promotion success of the Commonwealth Games. Shera is the beautiful Mascot of 2010 commonwealth game. The name is come from the Hindi word "Sher", which means Tiger.
The big sporting event that is being organized in Delhi has chosen this mascot which is a Royal Bengal Tiger. It is seen in a white jersey and blue shorts. Shera was first introduced to the people around the world at the closing ceremonial of the Commonwealth Games in 2006 held in Australia.

2010 Commonwealth Game Mascot

The national animal of India is the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also an endangered species because of its vulnerability to environment loss, poaching and environmental degradation. 2010 Commonwealth Games Mascot is the central image of this international event and is also the most happening face of the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Shera truly represents current Indian. He is an achiever with an optimistic attitude, a global citizen but proud of his nation's antique heritage, a strong competitor but with honesty and integrity.

Shera also show a 'large-hearted gentleman' who loves making friends and inspiring people to 'come out and play'. He is also a reminder of the fragile atmosphere he lives in. Arrangements are on in full swing and the city is making all big changes so that it can accommodate its guests. All measures are being taken to make the stay of the participating individuals and delegates etc as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
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