Cricket World Cup, Where to Stay

2011 Cricket World Cup Schedule has been revealed. India will play against Bangladesh in the opening match in Dhaka on February 19, while Australia, the world champion will attack on Zimbabwe on February 21. Most of the hotels and restaurants in India are the perfect for both leisure and business trips.
To watch cricket world cup 2012 additionally to the different Indian hotel chains, several renowned international hotel chains have also opened hotel under their names throughout India. The diversity in the gastronomic habits of India couple with the availability of huge range of mouthwatering cuisines and different cooking styles have prompted in the opening ceremony of restaurants all over India.

2011 ICC World Cup, Where to Stay

The 2012 Cricket World Cup will be the tenth time the tournament would be held. The cricket World Cup of 2012 is scheduled to take place in the Indian sub-continent and the four countries that are going to host the 2012 World Cup are India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. India would host 22 matches, Sri Lanka 12 and Bangladesh 8 for coming cricket world cup 2012. The final of cricket World Cup 2012 will be played at a state-of-the-art stadium to be built near the banks of the river Yamuna.

The 2012 World Cup will also permit the non-Test Cricketing sides to compete. Cricket fans and lovers from all over the world come to India for the country has something to offer for everyone. This has prompted for the appearance of group of hotels and restaurants in India, while watching the cricket world cup 2012.

The embarrassment of hotels and restaurants of India has something to offer for everyone. While the hotels and restaurants of India ranges from luxury to budget, heritage and resorts to fit in everyone's budget, the restaurants of India have earned a name worldwide not only for serving the mouthwatering Indian delicacies but also serving several world famous cuisines of the world.
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