Cricket World Cup Teams

The 2011 icc cricket world cup has fewer teams and fewer matches than the 2007 version. Total fourteen teams contribute in the 2012 event - 11 teams with ODI status (the ten Test-playing nations and Kenya) and 3 ICC Associate qualifiers (Canada, Ireland and Netherlands). Total 49 matches; the 2012 World Cup is two matches less than the 2007 version.
However, there are important changes in the format. This is because of the distress of the 2007 World Cup and the fact that teams like India and Pakistan were eliminated in the group stage after slipping up in one match against a "minnow" and losing against a strong team.

2011 Cricket World Cup Teams

Group Size :
There are two groups and seven teams in each group. Every group would play in a round-robin plan, with the top four teams from every group qualifying for the quarterfinals. This is the biggest group in the history of the Cricket World Cup, since previous tournaments have had a highest of six teams per group. All fourteen participating teams are divided in two groups based on the ICC rankings.

Group A : New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Canada, Kenya
Group B : India, South Africa, West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands

The changed structure of the 2012 ICC Cricket World Cup has plenty of benefits. There are less weak teams and a reversion to a longer group stage. Fans of every country are guaranteed to see their teams play six ODIs and there is the excitement of a straight knockout round afterwards. For the BCCI, this is important as they are hosting the event and need to ensure that they did not face group-stage elimination, as they did on the previous occasion.
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