Albania New Year

Albania new year is celebrated with great pomp and show on January 1. Although, many countries and nations start celebrating new year from December 31 but Albania is a place where the preparations for the new year go on till 31 December to celebrate the new year on January 1 as it marks the beginning of a new start and a fresh new year.

The Mediterranean charm, energizing mountains, endearingly welcome people from all over the world to celebrate new year in Albania. Although, Albania is a small country but it shares a vast number of population and rich biological diversity. The culture and traditions of Albania are truly entertaining and eye catchy. They have attracted people from across the world in a large number. The different styles of celebrating the festive season, and Albanian folk songs and music add a classic entertainment factor to the entire celebratory spirit.

The attractive Albania features have always forced people to travel Albania from across the world not only with an intention to explore the traditions, and culture of the place but also to experience the new years eve in Albania and the way Albanians welcome new year. The occasion of new year is special for everyone, therefore, they make the best possible effort to make new years a special and memorable occasions of the year.

In Albania, new year is all about merry making and feasting. Feast is an intrinsic part of the occasion and adds an extra charm to the entire celebration. Albanians clean their houses and then decorate their houses with beautiful lightning's, happy new year banners and colorful items. They also share new year gifts and new year cards among their loved ones wishing them a prosperous new year head. This tradition is although practiced in many countries but every nation has its own way of celebrating the festivals and occasions.

New Years Eve in Albania

New years eve in Albania is the most delightful and perfect time to make a social gathering. The traditional food, traditional music and dance is an intrinsic part of the new year eve in Albania. Therefore, on this day, various dance performances and live singing competitions along with colorful traditional events are organized to welcome the upcoming year with zeal and enthusiasm. While visiting Albania on new years, the nightlife and the grand parties are a must experience and worth exploring things to do.