Austria New Year

Austria new year is one of the favorite destinations among people across the world for celebrating new year with great excitement and true spirits of enthusiasm. New year is celebrated on January 1 according to the Gregorian calendar. There is an interesting history behind the January 1 celebration of new year which dates back in the year 1691 when pope innocent XII officially declared January 1 as the new year date.

Since, then new year in Austria is celebrated on January 1 with great zest and vigor. New year in Austria is also known as Sylvester bend which refers to the soul of eminent saint Sylvester. Austria is a place where new year is celebrated with style and tradition both. One can barely find anyone not involved in the new year celebration. People in Austria are very excited to welcome the new year ad ensure to dedicate it to saint Sylvester. When it comes to traditionalism, Austria is rich in its cultural and traditional rituals.

The diversity of the country differentiates it from other nations. There are various traditional ceremonies, activities and events organized during the new year week in Austria. People also prepare traditional new year dishes with special ingredients including cinnamon, sugar and red wine to truly dedicate the festivity to saint Sylvester as these ingredients are an important part of the festive season and bring out the traditional appearance in the entire festive season.

Dinner is a prominent planned get together during new year in any part of the world. similarly, new year in Austria also involves a new year dinner time when the Austrians have a great time together celebrating the new year with the traditional dishes and activities at a private party at home with family and friends. Some of the important and exciting elements of the new year dinner includes food items such as cookies, chocolates, maple sugar fudge, marzipan etc.

New Years Eve in Austria

New years eve in Austria is celebrated on the first morning, first day of the month with great zeal and vigor. People come out of their homes with a spirit to celebrate new year with new thoughts, fresh beginnings and joy. A lot of parties, grand events, and balls are thrown throughout the new year month all across Austria and party lovers cannot just hold back themselves at home and go for parties the whole night. On the other hand, due to heavy winters, some people still prefer celebrating new year back at their homes by organizing a private get together with friends and family.