Brazilian New Year

Brazilian New Year is one of the most usually celebrated festivals for the people of Brazil. New Year in Brazil is generally known as Ano Nove (Portuguese language) but is more widely known as Revillion. It has celebrated on January 1st as per the Gregorian calendar.

New Year is the time when people from different parts of the world like to celebrate it in Brazil. Pubs, party halls, clubs, beaches and even roads are crowded with people. New Year's celebrations in Brazil reveal its culture and tradition. On the New Year's Day of celebration, it is a ritual to consume lentils and rice. It has believed to bring in wealth and good fortune in the coming year. This festival has celebrated with many devotions and sincerities by the fishermen of the city. They believe the take at the time reflects the hold for rest of the year.

Brazilian New Year Eve

New Year's Eve is an exciting moment for people of all over the world. It marks the ending of the existing year, but more significantly it is about beginnings and new opportunities. Celebrating the New Year in Brazil is much exciting as well. There are many ways that people in Brazil have celebrated the New Year's Eve. The Brazilian people get dressed in white for the event of the New Year because they believe that if they wear white dress during the New Year, then good would stay them for the rest of the Year.

One of the most well-known celebrations in Brazil is the celebration in Rio de Janeiro at the Copacabana Beach. Every year, there is an average of 2.5 million people celebrating New Year's Eve in Brazil. People gathered together watch fireworks and listening to the musical performances extend across the beach on different stages. Dinner is also the important part of the Brazilian New Year's celebration that included farofa, salad, rice, chicken and fruit.