Nepali New Year

Nepal is a wonderful place to go for trekking and other adventurous activities but on the other hand, there are many events and festivals celebrated with great pomp and show among which Nepali new year is the most admired of all. Nepal is a landlocked sovereign state located in south Asia.

Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by land mass and the 41st most populous country. The place is rich for its cultural activities and traditions and celebrates every festive occasion with true religious traditions and customs. Travelling to Nepal during new years can be the best thing you would ever do because Nepali new year is worth experiencing. So, if you are planning to travel somewhere outside your city, do not forget to consider Nepal, the city of extreme culture and traditions where celebrations are huge but the fun and excitement can be both experienced in western and traditional form. Though, Nepal is a small Asian country with over 29 million populations. It is famous for its rich, beautiful mountains and offers various forms of adventures for the joy and entertainment of everyone, Nepal makes up a great holiday destination for everyone who wants to experience the fun and adventure of lifetime.

New Years Eve Party in Nepal

Nepal is a multilingual country and celebrates nine new years in 365 days. The population in Nepal is diverse but the country has maintained its cultures and traditions to a good extent by practising them for years and years. Nepal welcomes new year on the 31st night of December along with the entire world. However, the Gregorian calendar is not officially in Nepal but the widely accepted new year comes later in April 13 when Nepal officially celebrate the beginning of new year. Vikram calendar is the official calendar in Nepal and the new year date is also observed according to the Vikram calendar of Nepal. Other than the two new years in Nepal of Gregorian calendar and Vikram calendar, the country officially recognizes seven other new years. The surprising part is that January 1 is not a holiday in Nepal but during new year, there are plenty of new years eve party in Nepal organised in nightclubs and residential areas of Nepalis. However, the private sector and urban youth use Gregorian calendar but officially there is no holiday declaration been made in Nepal of the holiday on January 1. New year in Nepal is most often religious and is celebrated with complete religious and traditional ways.