Parsi New Year

The Parsi New Year is traditionally identified as, Jamshedi Navroz. The base of the calculating of dates is New Year on the Parsi Calendar. Usually it falls on 21st March although it may differ depending on the lunar movement. It is believed by the Parsi people that New Year marks the starting of new universe.

The Parsi mythology speaks about the recreation of world on the new year day. Parsis across the world celebrated the advent of New Year with great passion and enthusiasm. The Parsis make merry this day with enjoyment and laughter. New year or Navroz is measured to be the holiest and most sacred festival in the Zoroastrians. The Parsi delicacies have special importance on this festival. The Parsi New Year is a special time when families gather to spend time with loved ones. Elders and ancestors are paid honor on this day. The day begins with cleaning of the house and other places like the stores and shops. People take bath on the day and wear new attires.

The homes are adorned with festoons and colors. At the entrance door decorations are done with multi colored powder. Incense sticks are burnt and then one blazing coal scuttle is sprinkled with sandalwood powder. Just as the clock signals the coming of New Year on the midnight of 31st December people begin exchanging New Year Wishes with their near and dear ones. While special new year greetings along with a warm hug is given to people who are with us, SMS, emails and New Year cards are sent to dear one's staying in different cities or countries.