British New Year

In British New Year has celebrated on January 1st, the first day of the first month according to Gregorian calendar. The New Years Day was officially declared in 1752. It is the time to band out the old year and bring the new one by joyous making. New Year celebrations in Britain are a colorful event. New Year has celebrated as the most imperative festival in Britain.

New Year celebration is the very much awaited celebration for the people of Britain. They like to enjoy each and every minute of the going year. There are theme parties, salsa dance and live performances few of the rocking events of New Year in Britain. Another absorbing part of the New Year festivities are the New Year cruises in Britain. These are the most exclusive and memorable part of New Year in England. So, if you are planning to have an exciting New Year explode, England is all set for one.

England New Year Traditions

People of England celebrates the New Year from the evening of December 31st into January 1st. Traditionally it is not as generally celebrated as Christmas. For illustration people did not used to celebrate New Year with fireworks, but last year and people of all over England were setting off fireworks on the knock of midnight.More traditionally, people open the back door on the knock of midnight and ask the first dark hired man to be seen to come through the front door carrying salt, coal and bread.

This means that the next year everyone in the house will have enough to eat (bread), enough money (salt) and be affectionate enough (coal). The Druids presents a gift of branches from the mistletoe, as this was a plant that was sacred to them as a magic source of fertility. It would present on the recipient a successful year in the number of children, as well as the amount of cattle and the amount of crop.