Belgian New Year

The New Year celebration in Belgium has its own color and attraction which tells again of the majestic essence and the rich culture of the Dutch capital. Belgium provides the true passion and complete enthusiasm to the New Year celebration with its fine arts and architecture. The New Year in Belgium has celebrated on January 1st and it is the time for greeting for the year to the front.

It is also the time for proposing goodbye to the year passing by. New Year's Day in Belgium is called Nieuwjaarsdag. The people of Belgium observe the New Year to be the perfect time to celebrate and having fun. The most children save money for the New Year to purchase decorated paper which they use for writing holidays greeting to their parents and the god parents.

Belgian New Year Eve

New Year Eve in Belgium has the name of Saint Sylvester Vooravond eve which represents it. The basic part of the New Year is the merrymaking with dignity. The time has fastened with the cheerfulness as well as charm. People fling parties and at midnight everyone kisses and exchanges good luck greetings.People celebrate New Year in Belgium with extravagant food and exclusive wines. There is aroma of cakes, pastries and candles which idealizes the New Year in Belgium as one of the most imperative festivals in Belgium. There is good foot beating at the dance floor and most of the restaurants and bars are filled with merry-making people. People have fun till the morning after.