French New Year

French new year is the most awaited holidays of the year among French people. They plan for the French new year months prior to the day to make the most of their new year holidays and practice all the important traditional ceremonies, customs and traditions. French new year is also known as jour des etrennes or the day of new year's presents. French people have a custom to exchange new year gifts and greeting cards on new year's.

French new year is celebrated on the first day of the new year according to the Gregorian calendar with great pomp and show. Various events, live shows, concerts and live performances are organized by French people in which people participate and involve their children to ring in the new year in the most thrilling way.

New years is a public holiday in France and many people plan to celebrate this French new year by organizing an exciting travel trip to one their favorite destination with their loved ones. Planning a travel trip can also be a French new year gift for some people. People in French start the new year celebrations by December 31 midnight with friends and family members. Breathtaking view of fireworks can be seen throughout France during new years.

Bursting fireworks is a common tradition followed in many countries during the new year midnight but every country has its own perspective and style of displaying the fireworks which differentiates them from each other. The French new year is known for its exciting feast which comprises of items such as champagne, and folie gras. As soon as the clock revolves to twelve, everyone kisses under the mistletoe and offers their new year wishes to each other for a prosperous and successful new year ahead.

French New Years Eve

French new years eve is a mixture of both traditions and fun. People not only send warm new year wishes to each other but also share new year resolutions with each other with love and affection. Every tradition in every country has its own name and significance. The end of holiday season is epiphany on January 6 which includes a traditional cake is known as la galette des rois in france which is being practiced since the ancestral times. Certain types of cakes are prepared on special occasions and events but French new year is celebrated in many families by preparing special French tarts and cakes on new year's day. Heart shaped cakes and log shaped cakes made of ice cream are often a popular choice among French people. This is a perfect way to celebrate the start of a new beginning in French which is admired all across the world.