Vietnamese New Year

Vietnam has plenty of traditional and spiritual holidays but no one can be compared with New Year festival. Tet is the famous name of the Vietnamese new year. The formal name of tet is Nguyen-dan. Right meaning of tet is first morning of the first day of the new year, is the Vietnamese New Year.

The celebration lasts for one weeks. Vietnamese people believe that the first day and the first week of the new year will decide the fortunes or misfortunes for the rest of the year. The celebrations of the Vietnamese New Year involves a much of enthusiasm and passion.

Vietnamese New Year 2023

Vietnamese New Year falls every year between the time of harvesting of crops and the sowing of the crops. Vietnamese are very specific about their New Year customs and traditions. A particular ritual called Le Tru Tich is held at the mid-night hour Thua on New Year's Eve. The ceremony involves firecrackers and gongs and other joyful items that make loud noises to usher out the old year and reception the new year. The Vietnamese New Year cuisine contain a exceptional rice pudding, which needs to be ready beforehand. The name of this rice pudding dish is banh chung or banh tet. The pudding made by mung beans and pork. Some other famed New Year dishes are preserved sweets, beef, chicken, fish, oranges, coconuts, grapefruits and other regular fruits, particularly watermelon.

On the occasion of new year, Vietnam people cleaning their houses and ancestral graves. Houses are decorated with Hoi Mai, which is believed to bring richness and well-being for the family. Various people also dangle a traditional painting depicting a tale of two lovers. Vietnamese think Tet to be the time to pay off all debts and to resolve clash. The final day of the year a plant like as the bamboo tree is planted in the courtyard of their homes. They garnish the tree with bells, fresh flowers, and red ribbons. The decorations are not for attractive purposes but are to guard the family against sin spirits. They also go their local temple and they bring back flowers or greenery as a present from the heavenly spirits. This present will be reserved in the house all year.