New Year Singapore

New year Singapore is a memorable experience for every visitor because holidays to Singapore especially during the new year week prove to be entertaining and full of lively events and performances. Singapore mainly celebrates Chinese new year with great zeal and gaiety and is considered as a major day of celebration throughout Singapore.

The ever beautiful Singapore is known as Asia's most beautiful island that attracts many visitors throughout the year from across the world. The new year celebration in Singapore seems to put an extra spirits of enthusiasm and joy to the festive mood. Most of the celebrations planned and observed are in accordance to the Chinese new year traditions. The celebration begins was before the arrival of the festive season.

Many people plan a reunion with friends and family to stay back at homes, enjoy the new year dinner and chat. Most families enjoy the delicious steamboat dinner for their reunion dinner and practice this as a part of new year tradition. Two days of public holiday are announced for this festival every year in Singapore so that people can relax and spend quality time and celebration time with family, friends and loved ones.

People go around visiting their relatives and friends to wish them a warm new year and present special new year gifts to each other. Couples who are married give away gift packets to the children wrapped in color red. The red packets symbolize blessings from the adults.

New Years Eve in Singapore

New years eve in Singapore is a grand celebration when people get together to celebrate the new beginning with hope, new and fresh thoughts. People enthusiastically shop for their new year dresses and gifts. Various events and activities are organized throughout the city and people eagerly wait to participate in them to have a good eventful and cheerful time together with friends and family members. Houses are decorated with beautiful lightning's, banners wishing happy new year, and candles.

The illuminating lights are an important of the decoration among every building in Singapore which gives out an extravagant look to the entire city. Markets are flooded with different types of gift items and they make sure to attract more customers by making alluring offers and by selling products at best prices. A special dining is organized in every family with love and affection as delicious and mouthwatering food on occasions like new year that come once in a year and are celebrated irrespective of caste and ethnicity, are an intrinsic part of new year's eve in Singapore.