Thai New Year

The traditional thai new year is celebrated as the Songkran festival, from April 13 to 15, every year. Though the official year in Thailand starts from the 1st January, Songkran festival is acclaimed as the most important national holiday of Thailand. Songkran festival offers the best time of the year to visit Thailand. The period of Songkran festival is very auspicious, festive, happy, and worthy of celebrations. During this time-period of the year a great many countries of the world celebrate some festivals, and a variety of traditional and cultural calendars in different regions of many countries make the commencement of their calendar year.

These are the reasons for great coincidence of Thai New Year with the traditional New Year (marking the beginning of the year) of many countries and calendars of the south and south-east Asia. Thai New Year coincides with the traditional New Year of Sri Lanka, Cambodia, etc., and also with the beginning of many South Asian regional calendars followed in the Indian States of, West Bengal, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Orissa.

Partially similar to the Indian festival of Holi, Songkran is also celebrated in the countries of Lao, Myanmar, and some parts of China. Derived from the Sanskrit word "Sankranta", and meaning 'a move or change', Songkran is a happy festival for purification and renewal. Songkran includes traditions of taking new year resolutions to abstain from bad things and behavior, and do good and noble things, from the new year's day on; and visiting and paying due respects to the elders, betters, aged, and the religious monks, on the occasion of new year.

The most enthusiastic, lingering, and spectacular Songkran celebrations are made in the city of Chiang Mai of Thailand, where it lasts for six days and more. Most used and popular thai new year greeting is - "suk-san wan songkran" which means "Happy Songkran Day!" Throwing and splashing water on others, is the most notable and popular custom of Songkran celebration. People commonly go to the Buddhist monasteries to cleanse Buddha images, and pray for good luck, health, and happiness in the coming new year.

Thai New Years Water Festival

Thai new years water festival is also known as the Songkran. It is a traditional new years day in Thailand and is celebrated from 13 to 15 April. The new year water festival is mentioned in many calendars of south and southeast Asia. For many centuries, this festival is celebrated with Great Spirit of joy and enthusiasm all over the Thailand.

This water festival is somehow believed to have been adapted from the Indian festival Holi. The new years water festival is truly traditional and enormous that tourists and travelers from all over the world are attracted towards this refreshing new year. It is mainly a party excuse for many foreigners and one of the best tourist spot for most visitors.