Hmong New Year

Hmong New Year is the major holiday celebrated by the Hmong every year during the full moon at the end of the twelfth lunar calendar month generally around November. All over the world Hmong community celebration festivals are filled with sports, beauty pageants, and music and ample of food. The celebrations last from three to seven days and organize in November, December, or January.

In some parts several groups hold celebrations at different times so that everyone can participate in each other's festivities. Hmong new years is held in the month of November and December particularly in areas where hmong population is large in amount. It is a cultural celebration where hmong people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and excitement. This day is one of the most special days throughout the year and is the most important holiday in hmong culture.

Hmong New Year 2023

Hmong new year 2023 is on the list of holidays as the hmong new year is celebrated mainly in the months of November and December. Costumes are the Hmong symbols for all hmong groups and is a part of hmong tradition. They are an ethnic group originally from Southeast Asia and most of the population of hmong groups reside in Thailand, china, and Laos.

The celebration of hmong of new year is truly enchanting and a real one because according to their culture and traditions, the celebration lasts of 10 long days, a huge gathering is made and the days are celebrated with great pomp and show. Numerous activities, games and cultural events are organized well in advance to make the hmong new year much entertaining and memorable.

Hmong American New Year

The hmong new year festival, is the most important Hmong American holiday. This big event takes place around the time of the new moon in December, and is the single holiday shared by the whole Hmong community. The New Year is the only time when the people stop the all work. So it is no wonder that this time of the year is most important as it fulfills all of their religious customs and social functions.

The Hmong New Year celebration is also a customary time for young men and women to choose their mates and starts to become acquainted with them. The Hmong trust in evil spirits at New Year. They clean up the entire of their house and get free of all dust, dirt and soot together, then they take this outside and place it near a rope that has been joint to a tree in a loop, then they jump in and out of the rope loop, this is done to puzzle the eveil spirits who try to follow but only get puzzle and decide to go away. By doing this the Hmong people get clean of evil and bad luck at every New Year.