European New Year

European new year is an important holiday which was celebrated on December 25 in the medieval period along with Christmas but with the adoption of Gregorian calendar, January 1 became the new years date and is now officially celebrated on January 1 with great joy and enthusiasm. Have you ever wondered what it would be like celebrating new years in Europe?

Plan your vacations to one of the most popular destinations of Europe if you wish to make your new year one of the most memorable one. Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels, Dubrovnik, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Prague are some of the well known European destination spots where you can relax with your partner and explore out a different festive side of that particular place.

Traditions and customs differentiate Europe from other parts of the world. With the effect of traditions and rituals, new year celebrations become even more splendid and exciting in Europe. These traditions have been practiced since the medieval time and people in Europe still follow these traditions with true devotions and respect not only to pay their offering to their ancestors but also to keep the traditions alive. As soon as the month of December begins, people in Europe start preparing for the new year with great excitement and fervor.

People start decorating their houses a few days prior to new year and the decorations mainly comprises of happy new year banners and colorful lightning. In Europe, the custom of first footing is practiced since the medieval times. This is basically a tradition in which the first person who has to enter the house after midnight should be a male and supposed to be lucky for the house. Visitors are supposed to bring gifts such as money, bread, and coal and gift cards to ensure that the family has plenty of these in the upcoming years ahead.

European New Year Traditions

European new year traditions are different from other parts of the world but the celebrations and theme of the new year is always the same throughout the world. New years is generally cold and dipped with snow in Europe, therefore many people prefer staying back at homes for celebrating new year by organizing a private party at home with friends, family and closest ones. On the other hand, there are many who just wait for an excuse to party and ring in the new year at a nightclub and bar with great joy and enthusiasm.