Jain New Year

Jain new year is one of the most popular festivals for the Jainism. Festivals like new year play an important part in the Jainism. Various rituals and traditions are practised on the designated days during new year. Jain community has their own traditions and cultural events organised on new years.

Other than this, jain community has their own samvat (year) which starts from kartik shukla pratipada, the first day of brighter half of the fortnight in the month of kartik. The day falls next to diwali. New year has always been a special occasion for every community, city and family across the world because it is the only occasion celebrated irrespective of any caste, community and ethnicity.

Every community has its own way of celebrating and many have specific days for celebrating new year similarly, jain new year is also celebrated on a specific day depending upon their traditional calendar. Jain community celebrate their new year day by offering Nirvan laddu in the temple and chanting Gautam Ras early in the morning. New year for Jain community people is one of the holiest days of the year and they practise all the ancestral traditions to pay respect and remembrance to them. No doubt, pious incorporate a number of rituals into their daily life but when it comes to particular festivals and events, they perform these rituals with complete devotion.

Jain New Year Celebration

Jain new year celebration are popular for their traditional values and culture. There are many rituals practised on the jain new year. Some worship their jain idols whereas others simply worship their lord and perform daily rituals. On this day, traditional Jainism dishes are prepared in every jain community home and people wear their traditional colourful dresses. Spreading grains for the birds in the morning or boiling water for the next few hours are a few acts of charity and non-violence performed by Jain community people on New Year's.

Diwali is the most important festival in india which is also considered as a hindu new year day for all the hindu community people. The Jain new year begins the next day of diwali and is the occasion for joyful gatherings of jain with friends, relatives and family members wishing everyone a very happy new year. Although, diwali for hindu community is one of the most important festival but for jains, it is the second most important after the paryusana parva. Various poojas according to the Jain tradition are organised for the welfare and good luck of the family members as each rituals and prayer has its own significance.