Christian New Year

Christian new year is an important holiday in the christen calendar because it is an occasion that celebrates the welcome of a new year with great joy and enthusiasm irrespective of the caste, community or ethnicity. Christian new year is celebrated on January 1 every year according to the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is basically a modification of Julian calendar established by the roman emperor, Julius Caesar in 46 BC.

Gregorian calendar has a great acceptance in many parts of the world. Christian new year can mainly be observed from the Christmas day because Christmas is an important holy and religious festival for all the Christians. Christians residing in every corner of the world celebrate Christmas and new year with great zeal and zest. People start renovating their houses and cleaning every corner of their house effectively to bring out a fresh and dashing appeal of their house.

Important festivals like Christmas, diwali, new year and Easter are some of the main occasions when people want their houses to be clean and away from any impurities, especially during new years, people start cleaning their houses weeks prior to new year to keep their lovely place away from any impurities. It is also a tradition in many parts of the world due to which it has been given great importance.

Christian new year traditions create a sense of responsibility and attach you emotionally with your ancestors and elders, because at the end of the day, these traditions have come from our ancestors. The belief and faith in our religion, humanity, and togetherness creates a sensational festive effect to any festival.

Therefore, during Christian new year, all the important rituals, customs and traditions are practiced.

Christian New Years Eve

Christian new years eve symbolizes humanity, togetherness and unity. Traditions are also a major part of the Christian new years eve. New year is an important festive occasion which is celebrated all over the world with the spirit of joy and pleasure. Many Christian new year songs and carols are sung during Christmas and new year both to welcome the new year in style and tradition. Especially, partying and get together at home is an intrinsic tradition seen among the Christians. Christian people prefer staying back at their homes, partying with their friends and family rather than going out and partying the whole night. New year baby is used as a symbol of rebirth by many Christian families. Therefore, the new year baby has been signified as an important symbol in Christianity especially during the new year.