Mexico New Year

The festival of the New Year is celebrated worldwide with great excitement, happiness and great enthusiasm. The Mexico, which is also officially known as the United Mexican State is located in the North America the people of Mexico take part in the activities associated with the festival of Mexico. The New Year's Eve here in Mexico is celebrated with the great pomp and vigor.

New Years Eve in Mexico

The New Year's Eve in the Mexico is The Posada and The Pinata. The Posada is the ksot important part of the event that is the searching for a rest place by Mary and Joseph. The old followed custom that is associated with Posada is that a group of people wanders from house to house begging for an entrance into the homes of the citizens of Mexico.

Process of celebration

The way of celebration by the people is that they carry with them candles or sparkles and sing songs and continues to plead the people until they are invited inside the house and sometimes they are denied entrance. The basic modal of Pinata is with a three dimensional clay and paper star, that is stuffed with nuts, fruits and sweets and it is suspended from a rope. In this way a particular person is blindfolded and given a stick, and with that stick that person has to hit on The Pinata.

In this game People take turns and the game continues until somebody is able to struck The Pinata. The people here in Mexico gather with their friends, relatives and family members at the nightclubs, bars and pubs to celebrated the occasion of New Year and the display of fireworks adds to the enjoyment associated with New Year festival.