Pakistani New Year

New Year in Pakistan is celebrates with great zeal and pomp. This day starts in March and traditionally represents the rebirth of nature after the long winter. 1st of January as the New Year day, this day is formally declared as New Year in Pakistan. It is a time of celebrations, revelry and merriment. The event of New Year celebrations is great passion and enthusiasm.

New year events in Pakistan starts shortly after the new year's eve in Pakistan when gun shots are finavy at air to indicate the begin of a new year, its also time of different social events when the people indulge in various art and traditional folk music festivals held to mark the occasion at dissimilar community halls generally attended by large gatherings. New Year is a big incident in rural Pakistan particularly because it's the harvest time and meticulously looked ahead with great optimism and fun fair.

New Year celebrations in Pakistan are followed by deep religious and sacred rituals. Preparations for the arrival of the new year begins long ahead with the main cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore adorning a festive look. In the different Pakistani households women clean the houses, buy new clothes and made different variety of mouth watering dishes to entertain the guests and the family members. On the first day of the new year in Pakistan the people wear new clothes and present prayers or 'namaz' at the nearest mosque and wish each other happy new year.