Armenian New Year

The color and spell of the Armenian New Year quite in an ideal world emotes the verve of the country. New Year and Armenia has definitely a great deal deep woven relationship. It was initially the 21st day of March every year the ancient Armenians celebrated the beginning of a year to complement with the very beginning of spring which ideally signified new life with new hopes.

Joy and ecstasy laced with food, drinks, flush and colors epitomize 21st March as the Armenian New Year in the ancient days. In the late 17th century and with the beginning of the 18th century the Armenians stated following 1st January as their official New Year day. It is with a lot of amendment and changes now a day like many other countries the Armenians also celebrates the 1st day of the month of January.

The Armenian new year is the most anticipated holidays of the year. Throughout years, the traditions, customs and rituals have been practiced by Armenian families on festivals and special occasions because Armenia is rich for its cultural and traditional forms. New year in Armenia is celebrated on march 21 every year with great thrill and bliss. New year marks the beginning of a new start and the beginning of spring. Additionally, new year in Armenia is observed as the birthday of the mythical god Vahagn.

The festivity of new year in Armenia is characterized by huge feasts, and sweet spring season welcome celebration. new year begins with merriment among kids and adults alike and the joy remains throughout the first month of the year. On the new years week, the celebration is really exciting as the Armenians focus on the traditional meals, decoration and traditional ceremonies which not only add an appeal to the entire celebratory experience but also add a few traditional memorable moment into your account.

Armenian New Year Eve Party

Armenian new year eve party welcomes the new year with high spirits of enthusiasm and joy. Armenians celebrate new year with great joy and zeal, they not only add a traditional feel to the entire celebratory experience but also prepare the occasion a fun festivals for the kids too by organizing various new year games and activities so that they can also enjoy and welcome the new year with pomp and show. Traditional Armenian new year's delicacies include dried fruits, raisins, pastries and cakes. These delicacies have important symbolic significance according to the Armenian tradition.