Babylonian New Year

New Year Celebration in Babylon is perhaps the oldest festival in the history and it is Babylon with its traditional civilization and oriental beliefs which has a deep seated relationship with the celebration of New Year. Historical events untie the dreamy saga that it was in the ancient Babylon, almost in the 2000 BC the very conception of the New Year celebration was developed.

It is right after the cold frosts of winter come the mechanism time which is the time for new gestation, new life and fresh growth. New Year celebration in Babylon is therefore preferably observed in spring. New Year to the people of Mesopotamia is therefore the conventional time for rejoice with the beginning of spring, rain, life and color.

Spring to the Babylonians is not only the renewal of nature but a the same time it is revitalization of the society where the New year celebrations only adds up to the splendor of the idea of the total renewal during springtime. Babylonian New Year is also recognized as Akitu and is one of the colorful carnival where rejoice and amuse plays the vital part. Food, drinks laced with hue and laughter epitomize the New Year day as one of the vibrant occasion of Mesopotamia. Reading out of the story of the creation of the world during the New Year fiesta completes the New Year celebration in Babylon.

Babylonian New Years Eve Party

Babylonian new years eve party is a time when the Mesopotamia people can have a cheerful time together with family and friends. The Babylonian calendar has twelve lunar months alike other calendars. The people of Mesopotamia celebrate new year festival with great pomp and splendor known as Akitu in the springtime. Babylonian new year is special because it is a time that welcomes the arrival of spring rains and the renewal of nature which depicts the renewal of the community.

New year is a time when everyone wants to party and party hard to ring in the new year with true spirits of enthusiasm and joy. During the new year Babylonian new year festival, people across the Mesopotamia start preparing for the new year eve party months prior to the occasion. there are various ceremonies performed during the new year eve day which have their own importance and significance. Each day of the new year festival plays an important role because it has its own significance and importance in the Babylonian calendar.