New Year Belarus

Belarus is an entertainment spot for everyone. The city is not only favourable destination for adult, but also offers various entertainment options for kids as well which makes Belarus one of the best tourist destinations around the world. Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe and is bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west and Lithuania to the northwest.

Being not so renowned country in Europe, the excitement and entertainment of celebrating new years in Belarus has increased due to the vast forested marshlands accompanied by birch groves and wooden villages. The enchanting beauty of the country has attracted one and all. Culturally speaking, Belarus is renowned to celebrate new years by performing religious and cultural rituals. People go to the church and worship lord to thank him and bless them for the coming year. Plenty of events, theme parties in the country are also a part of captivating entertainment that ensures a good gathering and joy.

A tour to Belarus will be one of the most joyful and memorable ones especially when planned on new years day. Today, the tradition of travelling to other destinations on new years has also increased as new years is an officially holiday in most of the countries and people love spending those last moments of the year by travelling to their favourite destinations and enjoying to the maximum. The idea of travelling can be used as a gift also. If you want to present a useful and meaningful gift to add a smile on your loved ones face, then a holiday package to Belarus is an ideal gift option to consider.

New Year Tradition in Belarus

New year tradition in Belarus are admired by one and all. There are several traditions and rituals practised in the beautiful country of Belarus which offers everything for everyone. People of every age will get something to enjoy with as there are numerous concerts like dance shows, live performance, activities, games and signing shows organised in nightclubs and various parts of Belarus. Traditional dishes like bread and salt are used to greet guests and visitors.

Popular drinks like Russian wheat vodka and Kvass, a drink made from fermented malted brown bread or rye flour are also served to the guests and loved ones on the new years day. Kvass is also combined with sliced vegetables to create a cold soup called Okroshka in some families to enhance the flavour and taste of the dish. As far as other dishes are concerned, typical Belarusian eats a light breakfast and two hearty meals along with dinner being the largest meal of the day. Other than anything else, wheat and rye are commonly consumed by people residing in the country therefore; they make a traditional ingredient used in preparing dishes during new years and other occasions and festivals.