Bulgaria New Year

Bulgaria new year is a week long celebration featuring musical festivals, carnivals and entertaining sports events. New years is one of the biggest events and occasions of the year celebrated with great pomp and show all over the world with true spirits of well being and enthusiasm. According to the Gregorian calendar, Bulgaria celebrates new year on December 31 but the main new year celebration including the traditional new year ceremonies, and traditional rituals are all practiced from January 1 every year.

One of the most common traditions in Bulgaria that has been practiced and followed since the ancient times is the expression of the young girls, who show their eagerness to get married and enjoy a happy married and family life ahead. In western Bulgaria, ladouvane is performed on the day before new years. It is sometimes performed in the central Balkan range and regions along the Danube River. Preparations for the new year celebration start early in the morning.

All lasses in the village drop their rings, oats and barley which are the symbol of fertility into a caldron full of spring water. Additionally, all the rings are fastened with a red thread to a bunch of perennial plants such as ivy, crane's bill or basil. The anticipation of new year in itself is a joyful and cheerful feeling that excites you and adds mix feelings of joy and reflection.

When it comes to celebrations and festivity, Bulgaria is ranked among the top legendary destinations to welcome the new year eventfully and joyfully. Just after the exciting Christmas celebration, new year can be a bit tiring and stressful for some but people of Bulgaria are very well known for their fun loving nature and celebratory spirit all across the world.

People in Bulgaria love spending most of their time with family and closest friends; therefore more often they plan their travel or festive occasion with their loved ones only. They move out of their homes and spend the new year sportingly at cultural events, and parties to ring in the new year in style, fun and traditionalism but at the end of the day, they come back at their homes in the evening and enjoy quality time together by organizing a private party with friends and family,. Chatting on the dinner table and enjoying the delicious mouthwatering Bulgaria new year dishes.