Burma New Year

In Burma, the New Year has celebrated on April 12th every year. Every person rings in the New Year on this day, which corresponds with the spring season. The most important ritual on New Year's Day is the water festivals, which both old and young take part in. In Myanmar, the festivals are called Thingyan, a reference to Tha-gya min, the god who moves down to earth on that day of the New Year.

Tha-gya min has the power to renovate the old, cold winter season into spring, where the ground softens out and the flowers start to blossom. The festival lasts for 3-4 days. On the first three days of the New Year festival, children are the first to dispense water on people who go by on the streets. This is a symbol of good luck, to have the water dispensed on one's head. It is not remarkable for one's clothes to be saturated; by the spring sun usually dries one's clothes swiftly.

Burma is a country located in the Southeast Asia. It is a home to some of the early civilizations of Southeast Asia including pyu and the mon. There are many festivals celebrated in Burma but new year is one of the most important and anticipated holidays of the year when the Burmese make the best possible effort to celebrate the eve in a unique and excitingly different way. New year is Burmese traditional festival which is also known as thin-gyan or water throwing merriment because on this day, splashing water, playing music and dancing around the festive place is a common traditional way of ringing in the new year.

Burma New Year Eve

People replace New Year wishes with each other on the day of New Year's Eve in Burma and most Burmese send New Year greetings to their loved ones who are at far throw places and cannot be present at the functions at home. Women also beautify themselves in traditional dress and knick-knacks. On traditional Burmese New Year celebrations, music and dance are an important part.

Burma new year eve is a four day festival which marks the traditional new year according to the Burmese calendar. Commonly, Burma new year eve is celebrated on the April 17 with water splashing festival in which people splash out water on each other and dance on the streets to celebrate the new beginning with pomp and show. Water is a symbol of coolness, purity, clearness and purification. It also acts as a major cleansing agent to remove dirt and grime of the old year, therefore, according to the Burmese tradition; water is an important new year symbol.