Cambodian New Year

New year is associated with the beginning of a new start. It is a time to welcome new thoughts, fresh and good times, celebrating the eve together with family and friends. There are plenty of events and gigs taking place all around the world on new year but Cambodian New Year is one of the most talked about celebration because of the thrilling celebratory experience and merry making surroundings seen all over the country. Cambodian New Year is also known as Khmer new year and is celebrated in the middle months of April.

The city is dipped in the celebratory spirits of happiness, joy and enthusiasm. When visiting Cambodia on new years, apart from partying and celebrating new year at your hotel place, you can do much more to enhance your experience of celebrating new year at Cambodia. On new years, people buy new dresses, renovate their houses or clean them to welcome in the new year with a fresh and new appearances.

Cleaning houses is not only a tradition among many families but it also symbolizes good luck and prosperity to your home and family. People in Cambodia visit temples to get blessings from monks and priests on new year for beginning a successful and fresh year ahead. According to the ancient traditions, Cambodians build a sand hill on the temple grounds and decorate it with five religious flags with one placed on the top and others around the sides.

This traditional ritual performed every year by people in Cambodia represent Buddha's five disciplines. Every country celebrates every occasion and festival according to their traditions and rituals but new year is an occasion that has the same spirits of beginning a fresh new start among everyone across the world which is truly remarkable.

Cambodian New Year 2023

Cambodian new year 2023 festival is expected to start by the 13th April and lasts for three days. These days are official holidays in the country and mark the end of the harvesting season when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor made before the rainy season begins. The three days of Cambodian new year 2023 are categorized under Maka Songkran, Virak Wanabat and Tngay Leang Saka.

Different rituals and customs are practiced each three days but with a motive to pay offerings and pray to god in their ancestor's monastery. The custom of playing traditional games is also an essential new year custom in Cambodia which has been followed since years. All these traditional fun attracts people from over the world and many of them have in fact started planning to make a trip to the country and celebrate Cambodian new year 2023 in a must energetic and fun way.