Celtic New Year

Celtic New Year has celebrated on the November 1st. The celtic new year features of "Divination of Events". They use hazel nuts and symbols of wisdom for destiny telling. There were also some other Samhain traditions which passed on to the "Celtic Emhain Abhlach" where the dead ate the scared fruit and become immortal. The ancient Celts utilize a lunar calendar of thirteen lunar months. As contact and trade with the Romans improved, the Celts personalized the Roman calendar into a Celtic solar calendar.

twelve months beginning with Samhain on the first day of a November. The celtic new years starts with a "Geamhradh", the beginning of the dark Celtic winter and ends with Am Foghorn, the Celtic harvest. Samhain celebrations are held to mark the opening of Celtic New Year.

Celtic new year is also known as Halloween's Day and its very popular in the West including UK, USA, Canada and in other European countries. On this day people especially young boys and girls enjoy the most by doing some fun activities and playing pranks. There are some boys and girls love to exchange their clothes in order to make it more interesting and exciting. Oidhche Shamhna or the Celtic new year eve is the best time for family members as they come together and dance and sing Celtic songs with each other.

Celtic New Year Chords

Celtic new year is the best family time for the Celtic community across the world. The celebration started on 1st of November. Celtic new year chords are primarily lyrics and songs, people love to sing on a special day like this. Some of the best and most popular Celtic new year chords are like;

Come on home, come on home
It's Celtic new year.
I said, " Oh won't you come back?
I have to see you my dear'
Won't you come back in the Celtic new year?
In the Celtic New Year.

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