Colombia New Year

In Colombia, New Year comes on the 1st January every year with all its magic. The people of Colombia greets the upcoming year with huge passion as the revival of new period. The magnificence of welcome the New Year while proposing farewell to the closed year is a major attraction of Colombia.

Colombia with its various cultures is the opportunity of entertainment during the festive season and the very typical yet comprehensive culture of the state is reasonably obvious in the celebration of New Year in Colombia. In Colombia, New Year customs are exclusive with various diversifications. Put a glimpse on some interesting and wonderful New Year Traditions in Colombia.

Colombia with all its an assortment of mores, intellectual intensities, majestic museums and colonial churches teamed with the thoughtful enthusiasm of the inhabitants thump up to meet the upcoming year with enormous passion. Columbia new year is celebrated on January 1 according to the Gregorian calendar. Columbia new year is one of the most awaited occasions of the year. While, many occasions and festivals are celebrated in Columbia with great joy and bliss, but new years is an occasion that has always attracted people of all ages.

Columbia celebrates new year both traditionally as well as fun way to ensure that kids as well as adults both can enjoy, making the most of the holiday season. Columbia offers adequate entertainment options for all its tourists and residents. Whether, it is a matter of festive events or carnivals, Columbia new year is an excellent entertainment package of exciting events, traditional activities and games.

New Years Eve in Colombia

Colombia has different New Year's Eve Celebrations. It is the best approaches to celebrate the New Year. The charming outlook of the fascinating fireworks, the enlightenment of the huge sky embracing buildings, the exciting rhythm of the New Years Eve makes the New Year in Colombia an event of massive spirit.

Colombians write a mistake of the past year they want to get clear of on a slip of paper. Each family member places the paper in a copy that is set on fire at midnight. The leader of the family then cuts the bread at midnight and whoever receives the coin is believed to enjoy good luck for the entire year.

New years eve in Columbia is a national festival celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Children as well as adults have great options of entertainment because many activities and live competitions such as dance competition, face paining, fates and fairs with a number of adventure rides. Columbia people make sure that children are not left out and they also get the opportunity to celebrate a blissful new year with activities they love.