Cuba New Year

New Year celebration in Cuba is the moment for a big gathering. New Year is the time to lead the old year and is the occasion to welcome the freshness of innovation and never experienced the bid time with their hopes and enthusiasm. The rich tradition of Camaguey, the strike in Havana, in nightclubs or pleasure chic New Year knot in Cuba, the first day of January of each year with all its passion, where happiness is a reflective speech.

People want to enjoy the first day of the year in the wonderful white beaches of Cayo Coco, or should feel the great urge to New Year in Cuba, while enjoying a fascinating swimming with dolphins in the Pacific blue lagoons. Cuba has always been interested in tourism activity on New Year's Day. Rhythm vibrancy salsa party with the revelation incomparable Cuban turkey stuffed with New Year in Cuba.

It has listed with its enormous glory while Cuba one of the best places to celebrate the joy of the moment. New year in Cuba is celebrated with great vigor and splendor. New year is special for Cuba and its citizens because it also celebrates the anniversary of the marching troops of Castro, into the city. Cuba is however seen quiet on Christmas but the new year celebration preparations are on peaks during the last few months of the year. If you are traveling to Cuba this new year, you should definitely not miss the Havana.

Havana is an important and popular destination spot in cuba where people gather in large numbers to celebrate or become a part of the new year celebration which marks the beginning and arrival of new start, new hopes and new thoughts come over your mind with many new year resolutions.

Cuba New Year Eve

Havana is the main spot for the New Year celebrations in Cuba. The people gather in large numbers on seafront in Havana to celebrate the New Year and also to take pleasure of the beautiful fireworks that are part of the celebrations of the New Year. In Cuba, there are a long queue in front of food stores and liquor stores that the people of Cuba will take this day the best possible way.

Cuban people on New Year's Eve together at various hotels and restaurants in Cuba to make a meal with friends, family or relatives and this meal is accompanied with desserts and drinks. Cuba new year eve is full of festivity and joy.

People of cuba gather at different hotels and restaurants with their family and friends to spend quality time celebrating the new start with each other. With the company of their loved ones, traditional cuba meals and eventful events also accompany them throughout the new year night. If you want to be a part of cuba celebration, plan your trip today and book tickets ion advance to avoid last minute rush.