Diwali New Year

Diwali or Deepawali, is not only festival of colorful lights, but also symbol the starting of the Hindu new year. It is one of the most imperative Indian national celebrations as it is believed that the Hindu deity of good luck visits homes on this day.

Children is lit up deep which are made by clay to light and bring the good luck goddess to their home so they can receive new toys and clothes. The first day of Diwali is also a day of New Year of Business. All companies pay off all debts and decorated offices with flowers and palm leaves to bless the on the new year.

Diwali New Year Wishes

Diwali new year is just the ideal time to enjoy and strengthen the human bond. It is the national festival in India where people of all castes, creed meet together to enjoy the winning spirit of good over evil. Fresh flowers, new clothes, exchanges of gifts, meeting with near and dear, and feasting are essential part of this colorful festival. Each region of India celebrates Diwali in its different way, but the lighting of many clay deeps ware oil lamps is very common all over the country, setting homes and gardens bright with twinkling lights.

The bright lamps are symbol of the victory of good over evil. The tradition of wearing new attire and exchanging gifts and greetings have come to be associated with Diwali, probably because of this New Year celebration. On the occasion of diwali people white-washing of houses; decorative designs or rangolis are painted on floors and walls to welcome the new year. Since Diwali is a grand festive season and amusement fairs Diwali greetings are also exchanged among the people and wishing each other good luck and wealth.