Dominican Republic New Year

Dominican Republic new year is widely popular all across the world for its traditions and rituals practiced since the ancient times. The rich and diverse culture of the country makes it one of the most well developed nations. Dominican Republic is a nation situated on the island of La Hispaniola which is a part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region.

Dominican republic is the second largest Caribbean nation with a large number of population. People of this place celebrate all the important occasions and festivals with true humanism but new year is one such occasion that is celebrated with great pomp and show irrespective of the caste, ethnicity or community. New year is no doubt, a special festive occasion for every country and Dominican republic is no exception to that.

People in this nation, celebrate new year in a very traditional way. Special new year dinner is served to the guests in the restaurants and hotels and according to the people of Dominican republic, old should be dismissed and the new year should begin with everything new and fresh. Additionally, cleaning is also given great importance among people of this nation because according to the traditional belief and observation, cleaning brings good luck and prosperity to the family.

There are many who get their homes painted whereas some plan complete renovation of their homes before the arrival of new year so that every corner of the home shines and dazzles on the new years day.

New Years Eve in Dominican Republic

New years eve in Dominican republic is a combination of both traditions as well as party fun. As far as traditions and customs are concerned, colors also play an important role in the life of the Dominican republicans.

Every color has its own significance due to which take great care on which color dress they will wear on new years. Green/verde color signifies the improvement in financial matters, red/Rojo adds alluring and brighter chances to make your future better, yellow/Amarillo helps improve work conditions and the color white/Blanco is an important symbol of good health and fitness.

Traditions and celebrations of festive season are usually different from country to another but the purpose and theme of the occasion is always the same. Similarly, Dominican Republic shares a unique tradition in which people of that nation are not supposed to sweep their house on the new year's day, else they might end up sweeping their luck away. They make wishes for the coming year by eating one grape each month from the bunch of fresh grapes for the fulfillment of their wish.