Egyptian New Year

Egyptian new year is an important holiday according to the Gregorian calendar in Egypt and is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. New years is a festive atmosphere all around Egypt and as soon as new year arrives or the clock rounds to twelve, the level of excitement increases two times more than the actual excitement. The midnight celebration is usually more exciting and energetic all over the world.

Egypt is a popular North American destination well known for its traditions and rick cultural diversity. The festive celebrations in this country are filled with festivity and enthusiasm but new year is an occasion that has its own significance and importance all across Egypt. Parties, events and new year activities are on peak and the degree of zeal and excitement is much more higher on the first day of the new year.

Egypt is popular for its extravagant parties due to which it is known as the best party hub all across the world. Apart from the best party places and various activities, traditional events are also organized for the refreshment and entertainment of the country people and tourists visiting Egypt from all over the world. Egypt celebration is a bit different from other nations because Egypt celebrates the welcome of a new year according to Christian traditions and Islamic traditions.

Egypt people are very particular about their religion and worship timings. Therefore, especially on new year's, they offer their prayers and worship to seek the blessings of lord for a better future and life ahead. On the new years day, people dress up in their favorite new dresses and even the girls are allowed to wear bright and colorful clothes with no restrictions to wear only black which is commonly practiced in Egypt.

Egyptian New Years Eve

Egyptian new year is more of a traditional ceremony and festival in which various traditional activities and rituals are performed. However, Egypt new year is a public holiday and people are very well aware of the new year's date in Egypt but the custom of seeing the new crescent moon is still practiced and is practiced before the official announcement is made. Children are given gifts and they are dresses in new clothes. No alcohol is served to the Muslims because they are not allowed for it but meat is an important traditional dish that is served even to the poor on New Year's Day which makes the Egyptian new years eve special and the most awaited occasions of the year.