Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian is a richly beautiful country located in the horn of Africa. It is the second largest and most populous country all across Africa. When it comes to festivals and celebrations, Ethiopian New Year is widely celebrated among every Ethiopian family with true spirits of joy and enthusiasm to ring in the new year with joy, pomp and gaiety. The nation is widely regarded as the birthplace of human coffee consumption and as an important serving nation for the whole world.

The Ethiopian new year is also known as Enkutatash which is celebrated on September 11 according to the western and Gregorian calendar. Ethiopian calendar is seven years and eight months behind the Georgian calendar and the strange part is that the nation still follows the orthodox Julian calendar which consists of 12 months of 30 days and 13th month, pagume of five or six days depending on if it is a leap year or not.

Ethiopian new year is an important festival in the lives of Ethiopians because after three months of heavy rain, the sun is seen creating beautiful fresh atmosphere and weather. There are different traditions and customs followed on new year in Ethiopia but they are traditionally practiced since their ancestral time, therefore, regarded as an important part of the occasion to welcome the new year with prosperity and charm.

New Years Eve Ethiopian

New years eve Ethiopian is an important festival in the lives of Ethiopian people because it marks the beginning of a fresh new year which is a medium and the year to add fresh memories and thoughts to their new beginning of life. Ranging from the new year decorations, traditions to the dinner and other cuisines prepared on new year eve, everything is entirely done with the true celebratory spirit. These people love expressing their love, hopes and dreams by celebrating and arranging a get together for a party as an excuse to share and celebrate with each other.

Breathtaking fireworks, amazing view of house decorations with colorful lightnings add a classic and traditional feel to the celebration ambience. While elders discuss their hopes and future planning for their family, children are busy planning for their aspirations and dreams. Ethiopia is a beautiful nation comprising waterfalls, highest mountains and some of the world's lowest points below sea level. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Ethiopia this new years to ring in the new year, you are surely going to experience the real life, adventure and ethnicity of the state with your family and friends.