Greek New Year

The sheer romance, the rich culture and the immense composure of Greece, which has been termed as the cradle of western civilization offers a classical dimension to the typical aura of Greek New Year. New Year and Greece has rather an innate liaison where amusement and enjoyment gains a supreme elocution.

Usually Greek people feels a strong bond with their past especially to the golden period of Greek history and this exacting attribute is even obvious in the emotion and style of the Greek New Year celebration. Age old tradition and rich tradition laces the 1st day of January when the Greeks greets the fresh year with utmost glee. Joy, bliss, happiness and enjoyment offers a novel connotation to the dynamism of Greek New Year.

January 1st according to the Greeks is not only a day to welcome the happy and new time but an fortunate day and is also known as the St. Basil's Day. The Greeks pays the honor to St. Basil who was single of the forefathers of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Greek also reflects the New Year as the time for regeneration and revival. Freshness laced with all its splendor and finery envelopes the first day of the year in Greece whilst offering a day's smash from the routine life.

Greek New Year is far more festive and vibrant than even the Christmas days coupled with the glorious attendance of luxurious food, classy wines and fine music. Food definitely gains huge significance in Greek New Year and a number of special dishes are prep navy in almost every part of Greece to knowledge the verve of the day. One of the most important dishes is vassilopitta or the St. Basil's cake which idealize the age old tradition and rich culture of the country.

New Years Eve in Greek

New years eve in Greek is not only an important festive day but the special part is that it also celebrates the St. Basil day. St. Basil was one of the forefathers of the Greek Orthodox Church and is remembered for his kindness and generosity towards the poor.

New year in perhaps, the most widely celebrated occasions across the world but it adds more festivity and fun due to the arrival of St. Basil day. This is the reason, new year in Greek is celebrated with great pomp and vigor. Greece marks the mythical origin that revolves around countless traditions and customs. Therefore, the combination of extensive fireworks and entertaining events, live shows and traditional ceremonies make the Greek new year, a special one to be experienced in life..