Gujarati New Year

Gujarati new year is celebrated on the next day of diwali. It is a major India celebration that takes place in autumn. In Gujarat, the diwali celebrations are traditional and cultural. Various diwali events and activities are organized throughout Gujarat and near by cities because diwali is a new year for everyone. New year is a day that marks the beginning of a new time and year in the new calendar.

For different countries and states, new year may be a festival of fun, entertainment and party but in Gujarat, diwali is an important new year day which is celebrate with great preparations, traditional activities and rituals. Numerous traditions and rituals are practiced through the day because new year is the time for new beginnings and fresh thoughts. Diwali and new year both are the important festivals of india but in Gujarat, diwali is considered as the new year.

Therefore, according to people living in Gujarat, diwali is an auspicious day to begin investing. The Gujarati new year falls in the month of October-November which is celebrated with unity. Although, many traditions are practiced this day but laxmi pujan is the central tradition of diwali that occurs on new moon day (Amas). After laxmi pujan, people present gifts to each other wishing a very happy and warm new year and a very happy diwali to each other. Houses are decorated with diyas all over and the entire city/state dazzles with beautiful lightings. In Gujarat and other states of north India, this day calls for the beginning of a new finance year.

New Years Eve in Gujarat

New years eve in Gujarat is celebrated with great pomp and show. Diwali is considered as the new years day in Gujarat. People prepare for this very auspicious and holy day months prior to new year. Diwali is celebrated in every part of india and across the world where Indians reside but among Gujarati's, diwali is an important new year when people wish each other a happy new year, inviting each other for parties at home or a get together at home enjoying meals and traditional activities

People explode fireworks throughout the night after worshipping the goddess laxmi. A special puja of the goddess laxmi is done for the wealth and good health of the family and family members. Various traditional Gujarati dishes are prepared by the mother at home for every family member to enhance the spirit of the festive day. Moreover, Rangoli is also prepared at the front door to welcome the guests.