Hindu New Year

India is a country of great mixture. India is made up of several regional and cultural variations. As a effect of these cultural variations, festivals are celebrated at dissimilar times and in different ways according to local culture. Hindu new year is the auspicious time for all Indians.

There are different dates for different states to celebrate new year. In some parts of the country, it's celebrated on the month of April and in some parts it is celebrated on the month of October and November. This is the only reason why we call this Chaitra Vishu.

The event is said to be a propitious one because, at this time, the sun enters the symbol Aries of the Zodiac. People from every parts of the country come together on this day to celebrate new year. Indians called it Chaitra Purnima or the holy time.

Hindu New Year 2023

Hindu new year 2023 is on the list of holidays. Almost all hindu's celebrate diwali as the hindu new year because this day reminds them of the story when god Rama and his wife goddess Sita returned home after Rama rescued her from the demon king Ravana. Since that very day, this day is celebrated as diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights and on this day people decorate their house with lights and lamps. In the evening, children burst crackers and share diwali wishes with each other. In Hinduism, the hindu new year is mainly dedicated and concerned with diwali.

Hindu New Years Celebration

Hindu New Year is celebrated with cheerfulness and splendor all around India. Vitality of the event can be seen typically among the people of North India and Gujarat. New year in South India also differ from North and Eastern India. West Bengal, It is the eastern part of India, People celebrate the new year during the spring season. People embellish their houses with fresh flowers in pink, red, purple and white. Women wear dress that is yellow in color. This color is representative of spring.

Most of the southern part of India, on the night before new year's day, mothers get ready a special tray containing of exceptional food, fruits, flowers and gifts. This tray is the first item that one should see on the day of New Year. So, as soon as the kids are awake, they are led with their eyes closed to the tray. Orange flags are hoisted on buildings and homes in the central India on the occasion of New Year.

India Western India, new year is celebrated at the end of October, specially after Diwali. Diwali is an essential Hindu festival, but in Western India they celebrate new year as well on the same day. People light small oil lamps on and around their houses to reception Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. Thus in a country as a result of cultural multiplicity New Year's Day is celebrated on different days during the calendar year.