Hungarian New Year

New Year in Hungary is one of the most broadly celebrated and vital festivals in the country. The major part of the population in the country is Catholic and New Year is celebrated with much passion and enthusiasm. This land locked country is the part of Europe continental, has its own exclusive way of celebrating and greeting New Year. The native traditions of the Hungarians are very interesting and these traditions are in full force during the celebrations of New Year's Eve in Hungary.

New Years Eve in Hungary

New Year eve is the time to welcome the new life. Hungarians celebrate the new year on 1st day of January with extreme fervor and impulse. The fun loving and unworried trait of the Hungarians makes the Hungarian New Year even more thrilling than Christmas and is the calendar day to welcome the upcoming time with innate hope and complete optimism. Bidding bye to the old year and welcoming the upcoming year in Hungary is celebrated with an unmatched diction where the exclusive traditional values of the Hungarians are given an added mass.

On new year eve celebrations and light decorations on everywhere. Many parties are organized where the young, old and young heart, with their friends and love ones dance the whole night. The first rays of the morning sun give the message a new beginning for everyone. New Year is the ideal time when the Hungarians make merry and cheerful, visit their near and dear ones, dine out together and enjoy. Every one have their own manner of enjoying the new year but the motto is the similar for all -" leaving back the past and greeting the New Year with all zeal and eagerness.