Iceland New Year

Iceland is the wonderful destination to celebrate the new year, as Iceland's winter world present great adventures and activities. New year is the time when you can discover the festivity of city and magic. As well as huge bonfires and fabulous fireworks all over the city, almost each family has its own colorful firework display to greeting in the New Year. If anyone want to celebrate new year away from home Iceland is the perfect place.

New Years Eve In Iceland

Iceland celebrates the New Year in the quite peculiar manic style. New Year's Eve is possibly the biggest party night of the whole year. New Year's Eve is truly unique all over the city and the entire sky fire up with an amazing firework show. Almost every where at midnight fireworks greeting the New Year, and the unique night-life make this an extra spice to it on this special night. New year eve is the lively celebration with beautiful decorations, light displays and musical street entertainment. People enjoy the gourmet dining with their family and friend. Many hotels and restaurants present exceptional menus with fresh Icelandic ingredients.

At midnight there is New Year tradition to enter the house from the main door and exit from the back door for good and prosperity. New Year celebrations come to an end on January 6, with a unique celebration of the Twelfth Night. There is a faith that trolls and elves come out and celebrate with people, singing and dancing on twelfth night. They present blessings to the masses.