Ireland New Year

Ireland is worldwide famous for its exclusive traditions and superstitions, many of which have surrounded the New Year's celebrations. The New Year festival is recognized as Samhain. Ireland is the wonderful place for celebrating in true traditional four star luxury and style.

Most of the New Year Traditions in Ireland symbolize the good luck and prosperity to the people. The end of the year people of Ireland celebrating New year with the family, visits by relatives and friends, great feasting and great partying.

New Year's Eve in Ireland

In Ireland New Year's Eve is not a public holiday. However banks, stores, post offices, and other businesses may close before than ordinary days. New Year eve people traditionally clean their homes, put fresh clean sheets on their beds and stock up on food and other household items in the last days of December. They hope that this will give them a prosperous, fresh and fortunate start to the New Year. Many pubs restaurants and clubs are only open to people with invitations or tickets.

People go to parties, dinners or galas in private homes, pubs or hotels in the late afternoon or early evening. At the clock strike 12 o clock beautiful fireworks shine the dark sky, short parades or performances by traditional musicians, such as pipe bands. Many parties go on into the early hours of January 1. Plenty of people have a few days or even a week off work at this time of year. Hence, it is a perfect time to visit relatives and take a short vacation in Ireland or abroad.