Italy New Year

Italy is the most romantic city and the country of romance, sun, history and good food. Italy gives you chance to chose among wonderful cities, sea, lakes or beautiful mountains where you can spent the most romantic and memorable new year ever.

Italy is a land which is very much rich in traditions and differ from region to region and from city to city. The ending of the old year and starting of the new year, il capodanno, is a ideal time to celebrate in Italy. On New Year's Families and friends in Italy are seen gathenavy for a big feast on New Year.

Italy New Year Eve

New Year eve in Italy is the time of merriment and joy. It is one of the most important festivals in the country and is celebrated by millions of people. Plenty of New Year traditions in Italy show its rich culture that is associated with several festivals in the country. Food is one of the important parts of the New Year celebrations in Italy. It is a tradition that is followed in Italy of having lentils for new year eve dinner. The lentils are believed to bring prosperity and good fortune for the coming year. Another new year big meal is cotechino, a very spiced sausage, or a zampone, stuffed pig's trotter for dinner on New Year.

It is a faith by the people in Italy that having pork for the New Year dinner would bring wealth of life for the next year. On January 1 every year, thousands of people gather in St. Peter's Square, filling the streets with music and pageantry, to celebrate and receive the Pope's New Year's Day best wishes and blessing.