New Year in Kansas

The well known 'state of Kansas' derived its name 'Kansa' indicating ' the people of the south wind' is situated in mid western of Central United States. The celebration of New Year in Kansas is a time of reveling and joy marked by community gatherings and celebrations all over the state.

New Years Eve in Kansas

New Year's Eve in Kansas is an enlightening day of the famous 'ball drop' item held at the local clubs and fairs. Arrangements on this the New Year's jubilation is carried on with hectic pre planned events to be held especially on the night of the New Year's Eve. The tall large hanging sky scrappers in the city of Kansas are decorated beautifully with bright lights. The New year celebrations in Kansas is practically terminated into 'shopping spree' with people going out for huge shopping and chill out in the various roadside food joints with mouth watering dishes to over gorge on. The Hotels and the popular pubs like 'Garden of Eden' in Lucas famous for folk art and the very old 'Dalton Defenders Museum' at Coffeyvile.

The day of New Year attractions in Kansas include a whole gamut of interesting and entertaining events to choose from. New year celebration have the events in Kansas kicks off with a colorful parade followed by musical concerts featuring prominent artists of the state held usually in Dodge City. The whole city of Manhattan in Kansas witnesses crowd pulling carnivals at very famous Manhattan Avenue and Moro St.