New Year in Kentucky

The Kentucky, is very well known as the 'Blue grass state' is situated in the Midwest of United States widely known for horse racing and the most popular 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'. On this auspicious occasion day of the new year in Kentucky people attend the special prayer service at the very own 'Bethel First Presbyterian Church in Campbellsville, Kentucky' on occasion of new year's eve.

New Years Eve in Kentucky

The day of New Year in Kentucky is looked forward as 'the time of new resolutions' and family gatherings marked by eventful happenings all round the state of Kentucky. All the Arrangements and party schedules for the new year's eve in Kentucky are planned a week ahead with different clubs and hotels listing out the 'star attraction of the new year's evening' in public through well designed advertisements at every corner of the street and by distributing pamphlets to attract audiences from all quarters of Kentucky population.

The Kentucky New Year celebrations are appraised by weeklong fairs and exhibitions like the noted 'Boone County Fair' held in the city of Florence highlighting the inherent traditional cuisine and culture of rural areas of Kentucky. Evening of the New Year festival in Kentucky is widely recognized in whole of America for its unique entertainment and cultural diversity programmers held at city of Bowling Green.

The annual day of the 'Kentucky Mediavel Fantasy Fare' at the city of Richmond witnesses spectacular variety of juggling and free children activity accompanied by magnificent inflated caricatures of animals usually standing at the gates of the fair to wish new year greetings to all the visitors.