New Year in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana, lies in the south of United States, nicknamed the 'Child of the Mississippi' as large part's of the land of Louisiana is created by the silt deposition from the river Mississippi. New year celebrations in Louisiana harks back to the age old tradition of gathering together at different particular community halls of the state of Louisiana and greeting each other new year wishes followed by lavish new year parties.

New Years Eve in Louisiana

New Year in Louisiana is a star spangled one giving way to special events and programmers on the New Year's night. The list of New Year festival in Louisiana is unending with variety of cultural activities taking place at every major city of the state. Since Louisiana is identified by diverse cultural amalgamation, hence the different events in Louisiana, is in tune with the univalent spirit of the state.

On the new year' day in Louisiana families get together and go out for shopping at different malls which offers special bonanza's and gifts for visitors. Hectic and intense preparations for the new year's eve in Louisiana begin a month ahead with pre packed halls and opera's organizing unique classical jazz music along with world class plays staged at the very famed 'Le Petite' theatre in New Orleans. New year events in Louisiana is witnessed by spectacular adventure racing contests usually held at the Historic French Quarter, at Riverfront participated by huge racing enthusiasts even from the neighboring states of Arkansas and Texas.