Maharashtra New Year

New year is an important occasion for everyone celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the world. Every city celebrates new year in its own different style and features its own significance keeping in view the traditions and cultural heritage of the city. Maharashtra is a state located in india and is the second most populous state area in india that celebrates new year on the Gudi padwa in the Maharashtrian terminology.

Observed on the 1st day of the month of chaitra, Gudi padwa marks the new year for the people of Maharashtrians, following the lunisolar hindu calendar. As per the Georgian calendar, the festival of Gudi Padwa or the Maharashtra new year falls on march end or in the beginning of the month of April.

The festival also welcomes the spring season known as vasant. Various traditional activities and rituals are performed on this day and people start preparing for this very day a few months in advance to make it a memorable eve for everyone. On this day, people in Maharashtra engage in early morning oil bath which is the most important tradition been practised since the ancient times. Followed by cleaning the doorstep and decorating it with lintels, mango leaves and rangolis designed using different colors. Since red is the color of auspiciousness, it is used to adorn the house.

Maharashtra New Year Wishes

Gudi Padwa is the Maharashtra new year celebrated throughout Maharashtra with great joy and splendour. The people in Maharashtra value the festival of Gudi padwa and celebrate this festival with immense significance as it is one of the most traditional festivals across india. On this day, Maharashtra people wish each other happy new year. Historically, the festival marks the beginning of the shalivahana calendar after the hunas were defeated in a battle by him.

The seasonal significance also plays a major role in the celebration; therefore the festival of Gudi padwa is important for all the maharshtrian people.

Today, sending wishes across to your loved ones has become very easy via internet. So, people staying far from their loved ones across the world can easily convey their warm new year wishes with greetings through the internet. Flag is hoisted on Gudhi or bamboo staff and the flag is made of green or yellow colored silk cloth. There are many legends associated with the flag hoisting on Gudhi padwa among which the return of lord rama after defeating Ravan is the most featured. To make your loved ones feel special and wish them a warm new year, prepare attractive Maharashtra new year poem that has both traditional and western touch.